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Obvious advantages

The Esteem Hearing Implant. Hear how much better life can be.

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Learn what makes the Esteem Hearing Implant a hearing solution without equal.

And how it enables you to hear, look, and live life on your own terms.

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Allison’s Story

After years with hearing aids, Allison made a life-changing decision. Hear how the Esteem

Hearing Implant changed her life, and her family’s, for the better.


Connect with an Esteem Hearing Professional Today!



The Esteem Implant

The ear is remarkably well designed. Learn how the Esteem is designed to work with the ear’s natural anatomy to improve hearing and minimize background noise, distortion, and acoustic feedback.

About the Procedure

Learn the specifics of the hearing implant procedure, what makes the Esteem Implant invisible, as well as what to expect after the procedure. You’ll also see post-op pictures of Esteem patients.

FAQs about esteem

As the first hearing implant of its kind, the Esteem inspires plenty of questions. Some are technical, others practical. You’ll find the most frequently asked ones answered here—plus a contact number to ask your own.

Am I a candidate?

The Esteem is specifically designed for adults diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Learn here, other important factors that make a person a good candidate for the Esteem procedure.


Lives Changed

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Esteem Media - Latest News and Updates


Posted February 27, 2014

In News Video

Esteem Recipient Featured in Microsoft Commercial

Sarah Churman, an Esteem recipient and YouTube sensation has been featured in a Microsoft commercial. Sarah first made headlines in September 2011, when the YouTube video of Sarah’s emotional Esteem activation when viral. To date, it has received more ...


Posted August 20, 2013

In News Video

Dramatic Transformation

David Fink of Boynton Beach, Florida was quick to come to terms with his hearing loss. When he noticed in a conference room meeting that he had difficulty hearing other participants at the other end of the table, he purchased ...

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