An Earful Awesome

Introducing Esteem, the world’s first fully implanted hearing device. Nothing to see. Nothing to take off. Nothing to hold you back from the life you want to live.

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Ears Are Made to Hear.
You Were Made to Do.

With Esteem, you’ll hear more than sound. You’ll hear your calling again. Dive in. Rock out. Reach your potential. Esteem will not hold you back. It will move you forward.

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Believe in Things
You Cannot See.

Esteem is a true implant. It is invisible. There are no external components. And nothing is inserted into your ear canal. In fact, the only thing most people will notice is your smile.

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May Sound Stay
With You Always.

Sound doesn’t stop at sunset and start again at sunrise. Neither does Esteem. You’ll sleep easier knowing you won’t be without your hearing.

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In your head.
Out of your mind.

Esteem doesn’t constantly remind you it’s there. There is no daily maintenance. Batteries last many years* instead of a few days. And as technology advances, your Esteem can as well.

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*If continuously exposed to loud noises, battery life may be reduced to as short as 2.8 years.

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We’re all ears.

Contact us. Our Esteem Counselors will help you take the next step. There’s a very good chance you have an earful of awesome coming your way.

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