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It’s time to improve more than your hearing.

Esteem is the only FDA-approved, fully implanted, active middle ear hearing device. Specifically engineered to help improve the hearing of adults diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss, it is capable of providing you with a unique combination of real-world benefits:

  • An INVISIBLE Solution
    You don’t just hear better. You look better. And you feel better. There are no external components. And nothing in your ear canal.
  • A GO-ANYWHERE Solution
    Nothing to put in or take out. Exercise, shower, and even swim underwater if you like. And say hello to new-found freedom.
  • A LONG-TERM Solution
    Imagine a full-time hearing solution that’s up to the task—up to 24/7/365. Even its battery lasts from 4.5 to 9 years—depending upon its hours of use and volume settings.*
  • A CONVENIENT Solution
    You don’t remove it or clean it. You don’t misplace it or lose it. And there’s no daily maintenance. You just enjoy it.

Satisfying the “real” experts.

A Quality of Life (QOL) measurement survey taken by Esteem patients** reflects the true impact that the technology can have on a person’s life. Patients subjectively rated their experience compared to their pre-implant hearing aid:

  • 86% reported their “Activity Level” being much better or somewhat better.
  • 81% reported their “Feeling of Confidence” being much better or somewhat better.
  • 78% reported their “Clarity of Sound” being much better or somewhat better.
  • 77% reported “Voices Sounding Natural” being much better or somewhat better.

* Please note, if an Esteem patient is continuously exposed to excessively loud sounds and is using the highest gain settings, battery life can be reduced. Bench testing under these conditions demonstrated that battery life could be as short as 2.8 years.

** P090018 Esteem Implantable Hearing System Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data


Connect with an Esteem Hearing Professional Today!

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